Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

NOE Tracker

"Notice of Election Tracker". First-of-its-kind software that eliminates thousands of dollars in lost monthly revenue and excessive hours spent on data entry/re-entry and appeals diligence. NOE Tracker validates data, clarifies status and is a faster and easier way to avoid penalties.

Payer Connection Portal

PayerLink - Medicare Eligibility, Direct Data Entry (DDE), Medicare Claim Submission

Connections portal for Medicare providers. Includes Direct Data Entry (DDE), real-time eligibility verification and claims transfer with reconciliation. Although PayerLink is focused on Medicare connectivity, you can check eligibility for any payer and obtain vital insurance information through a single site.

835 Remittance Advice

Remittance Advice (835)

Comprehensive 835 processing solution. Process 835s from any payer. Search all remittances by patient, subscriber, check (EFT), provider or payer. Payment reconciliation, trend analysis and denial management reporting. Use analytics to improve your revenue cycle management.

837 Electronic Billing

Electronic Billing (837)

Create 837 institutional and professional claims for your hospital, physician practice, home health agency, billing service, etc. Claims are verified against 837 specifications and over 7000 business rules developed from our twenty years of claims processing experience.

  • No hidden fees – one price for software, support and updates.
  • Free trials or live product demonstrations are available for all of our products.
  • Experience - We have been in the medical software industry for almost 30 years.
  • Robust - Over 7000 built-in business rules that scrub billing data to catch errors before claim submission.
  • Healthcare Analytics - Create custom reports to target the data most important to your organization.
  • Cloud storage - Store your billing and payment data history in our secure data center.
  • Secure - Fully HIPAA compliant with authentication, usage and storage policies in place.
  • Integration - Our services can be used stand-alone or they can be integrated with your existing software.

If you are trying to improve, replace, or add functionality to your current products and services - we have experts available to discuss business integrations, implementation, and product training.