Strategic Alliances & Partnership


We understand the complexities and challenges involved in keeping your customers businesses running smoothly from experience. Let us worry about Electronic Billing, Remittance Processing, and the necessary CMS connections (DDE, Eligibility, and File Transfer) off your shoulders. MEDTranDirect offers cost-effective, ready-to-run computing power in a secure and reliable hosting environment. This allows you to stay focused on your customer’s needs and your company’s business strategy instead of managing the process of medical billing and the many HIPAA compliant connections that are needed to support this IT infrastructure. MEDTranDirect has dedicated internal staff who work closely with Medicare to understand and proactively address industry changes. We quickly troubleshoot and resolve any Medicare EDI issues as they arise so you don’t have to.
Strategic Partnerships

Channel Partners

MEDTranDirect partners with software vendors, billing services, and consultants. Our approach and commitment allow partners to effectively compete and grow their business.

Access Anywhere

Scalable 24/7 Access

MEDTranDirect environments are robust, scalable and highly secure. This results in fewer downtimes or service interruptions than traditional applications.

No Hardware Investment

No Hardware Investment

With MEDTranDirect SaaS delivery option, there is no cost required for purchasing or maintaining server hardware or infrastructure.

Save Time

Save Time

By utilizing the SaaS delivery option, you can use your valuable resources more cost effectively.

Automated Upgrades

Automated Upgrades

With SaaS you automatically receive new edits, reports, version upgrades. Including new features and functionality, along with regulatory compliance items, with no additional resource requirements.

Real-Time Access

Access In Real-Time

With MEDTranDirect you can have access to all of your data in real-time for reporting, downloads, and extractions.