PayerLink - Direct Data Entry (DDE) Direct Data Entry (DDE)


DDE or Direct Data Entry is the term associated with the access of CMS claim data by healthcare providers. Claim data submitted to Medicare contractors is posted nightly to update the Common Working File (CWF). This centralized CMS file system includes a collection of all Medicare claims for the entire country.

What is DDE used for?

DDE is used to perform a variety of tasks that can improve the processing of your Medicare claims. Some of these tasks include:

  • Check claim status
  • Correct, adjust or cancel claims
  • Access Revenue, HCPCS, ICD-9, and Reason code tables
  • Obtain eligibility information by looking up current or historical claim data
  • Determine inpatient DRG and expected payment amount

DDE in PayerLink

PayerLink provides a remote connection to the CMS data centers which allows your workstation to operate as a remote terminal. Once you are connected you will have complete access to the CMS system through a secure web based connection.

  • No terminal emulation software to buy, install or manage
  • Connect from any computer
  • Includes copy, paste and print options and custom keyboard mapping

See what our customers are saying!

"DDE in PayerLink is faster and easier to use than dialup. There are fewer steps and we are no longer dependent on the modem."

- Pinnacle Hospital

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