PayerLink - Medicare CLaim Submission Medicare Claims Transfer

Benefits Include:

  • Transmit 837 claim files
  • Easy to read 999 and 277CA reports to confirm file transfer and claim status
  • Retrieve 835 remits
  • Claim file reconciliation - early detection of rejections to reduce AR days
  • Access from any internet capable device
  • Rapid transfer and retrieval to improve cash flow
  • Nothing to download or install - all files are available 24/7 on our servers

Claim Transfer Process

PayerLink Claims Transfer allows providers to send claim files to Medicare and download remits and reports without the use of a modem. The built-in reconciliation manager allows providers to review the status of each task in the claims transfer process. It is important that each provider understands the relationship between these tasks and the normal execution timeframe for each. By doing so they then can recognize when acknowledgement/remittance files are “late” and take the appropriate action needed to correct the situation quickly. To learn more about the steps involved in CMS Claim File Processing, see article: "Great Primer on Quicker Claims Payments".

Request More Info

Request more info about our connections portal for Medicare providers. PayerLink offers DDE, real-time eligibility verification and claims transfer.