Remittance Advice (835) Features

837 Billing Single Solution

835 Processing

  • Processes all HIPAA compliant 835 remittances from any payer
  • Supports the import of current and legacy 835 formats
  • Includes the important features of Medicare PC Print and MREP to accommodate your existing processes. Unlike these products, all 835s processed are archived for future access. Identify all retained charges, payments and adjustments for analysis and revenue cycle management
  • Search all 835s for EOB data by Patient name, account number, insured ID, and even payer control number. Remittance data can be retrieved by payer, provider, check number, file and date range. Never lose a remittance again

Remittance Data Reporting

  • Claim Denial Management Reports
    • Analyze payer adjustment activity for potential denial codes
    • Customize denial adjustment codes by payer
    • Export denials to spreadsheets for claim reprocessing
    • Analyze denial trends to monitor your results
  • Payment reconciliation spreadsheets
  • Customized EOBs for institutional and professional claims
  • Other reports include Remittance summary, Provider & TOB summary, Procedure and Adjustment detail, Check info and more
  • Export remittance data in spreadsheet format to build your own revenue cycle management process
HIPAA Compliant Transactions

HIPAA Compliant

  • Completely web based - no installation necessary
  • Your data is located in a secure data center with regular backups to preserve your database and all files you have uploaded to the application
  • Uploading an 835 to your database is as easy as adding an attachment to an email or can be completely automated in our Enterprise edition. Keep your remittance data safe and secure in the cloud. No more keeping potentially hazardous patient data on your personal computers
  • Access your data anywhere with internet access. Share access with authorized users like your co-workers, consultants or auditors
Customer Support


  • One on one training sessions to get you started
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Comprehensive online help

Article Spotlight

A guide for providers to interpret the fields and codes communicated in the electronic remittance advice (835 ERA), and how they are used for balancing payments and charges.

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